Going forward, players will be selected in playing XI on basis of impact and not averages: Miller

For someone who has the ability to deliver maximum impact, South African batter David Miller reckons averages in T20 cricket will gradually lose relevance and strike rate will be the only barometer of success.

Over the past couple of years, Miller has performed the finisher’s role with distinction both for Gujarat Titans and his national team.

With seven scores in excess of 250 plus this IPL season, the batters have taken the power game to the next level, fuelling the strike rate debate.

“We’ve seen some high scores this year. And it’s been incredible batting by a few teams and few individual players in this IPL. And look, I always see everyone judges a batter on the average,” Miller told PTI Videos.

“But in T20 cricket, it can be difficult to judge someone purely on that. The top three batters, definitely you can because of the number of overs they get to bat. When it comes to the middle order, it has always been the strike rates and what kind of impact the batter has had in the game.

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