Djokovic says he’s “fine” after being hit on the head by a water bottle

Novak Djokovic said he was “fine” after accidentally getting knocked on the head by a water bottle after a win at the Italian Open.

A man was leaning over the railing to hand Djokovic a notebook for a signature and an aluminum-type water bottle fell out of his backpack and hit the top-ranked player on the top of his head on Friday.

“Thank you for the messages of concern. This was an accident, and I am fine resting at the hotel with an ice pack,” Djokovic posted on X.

“See you all on Sunday.”

After getting hit, Djokovic placed both of his hands on his head and then curled up on the ground as a security guard shielded him. Then he was helped down the tunnel into the locker room.

Djokovic had a bump on his head, and he was checked by doctors, tournament organizers said. He did not hold his usual post-match news conference.

“While leaving center court after his match, Novak Djokovic was hit on the head by a water bottle while signing autographs. He received medical attention and has already left the Foro Italico to return to his hotel. His condition is not a cause for concern,” organisers said in a statement.

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