RS polls: Those looking for profit will leave, says Akhilesh on fears of cross-voting by SP MLAs

fears of cross-voting by Samajwadi Party MLAs in the Rajya Sabha polls on Tuesday, party chief Akhilesh Yadav said those who are looking for “profit” in the situation will leave.

Speaking to reporters ahead of casting his votes, Yadav slammed the BJP saying it will adopt all means to win elections.

Asked about the absence of some party MLAs from a party meeting on the polls called on Monday, Yadav said, “Those who wanted to profit from the situation will go. Those who were promised will go.”

“Those who put spikes in someone else’ path or dig holes for others themselves fall,” Yadav said in a swipe at the BJP.

“You have seen what happened in Chandigarh in front of CCTV cameras. I thank the Supreme Court which saved the Constitution. BJP can adopt all tricks to win elections. It must have given assurance (to some MLAs) of some profit… BJP will do anything to win,” he said.

As many as eight SP MLAs did not attend a meeting called by the Yadav on Monday.

A senior SP leader, requesting anonymity, said that the party chief had called a meeting to brief the MLAs about the voting process of the Rajya Sabha elections.

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