Ram Lalla will no longer live in a tent: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said Lord Ram will no longer live in a tent but will now reside in a magnificent temple.

Addressing a gathering after the consecration of an idol of Ram Lalla in the Ram temple here, Modi said, “Today, our Ram has arrived. After a long wait for ages, our Ram has arrived.”

The prime minister said he could still feel the divine vibrations he experienced during the consecration ceremony inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple.

“Our Ram Lalla will no longer live in a tent. Our Ram Lalla will stay in a magnificent temple,” Modi said.

People will remember this date, this moment even after thousands of years from now, he said.

“It is Ram’s supreme blessings that we are witnessing it,” Modi told the select gathering comprising top saints, political leaders, industrialists, film stars, poets, litterateurs and sportspersons.

“I seek forgiveness from Lord Ram, there would have been some shortcomings in our penance that we could not complete this work for so long. That shortcoming has been overcome. I am confident Lord Ram would forgive us,” Modi said.

“Our Ram has arrived today after wait, patience, sacrifices of centuries,” he said.

Modi said Lord Ram resided in the first copy of the country’s Constitution.

“Even after the Constitution came into existence, legal battle was fought for decades on Lord Ram’s existence. I would like to the thank judiciary that delivered justice and Lord Ram’s temple was built in a legal manner,” the prime minister said.

January 22, 2024 is not merely a date but marks the advent of a new era, PM Modi declared.

Ram Lalla will no longer live in a tent: PM Modi

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