Ram Lalla ready to open his eyes

In a historic event that resonates with the hearts of millions, the new idol of Lord Ram Lalla has taken its revered seat in the sanctum sanctorum of the majestic Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya.

The sacred installation ceremony commenced with elaborate rituals, initiated by the Ganesh puja on Thursday afternoon.

Lord Ganesha was invoked to bless the proceedings, which included the ceremonial bathing of the idol with water from holy rivers and the application of various consecrated medicines.

The journey of the silver statue of Ram Lalla to the sanctum sanctorum began late on Wednesday night, symbolically touring the Ram temple complex. Originally intended for a Janmabhoomi complex tour, the decision to use a smaller silver statue was made for security reasons and due to the substantial weight of the immovable idol.

Under the guidance of chief host Dr Anil Mishra, the 10 kg silver statue embarked on a palanquin journey through the city, accompanied by resonating Vedic chants that echoed through the temple complex. Flowers showered the procession from Acharyas, temple construction engineers, and security personnel.

Dinesh Chandra and Dr Anil, members of the Board of Patrons of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, performed worship rituals on the silver statue.

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