Rajnath Singh hails PM Modi, says NDA identified as family that upholds coalition dharma

Senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh on Friday said the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has been identified as a family that “upholds coalition dharma” and asserted “coalition is not a compulsion but a commitment” for it.

In a long post in Hindi on X, he also congratulated and extended his wishes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on being unanimously elected again as the Leader of the NDA Parliamentary Party and the Leader of the House in the Lok Sabha.

Singh on Friday proposed Modi’s name as the leader of the NDA Parliamentary Party and the proposal was seconded by his party colleagues Amit Shah and Nitin Gadkari as well as top NDA leaders.

“As his Cabinet member and colleague, I have worked with him very closely for the last ten years, and his working capacity, efficiency, vision and credibility in the country are acknowledged by all. It is a matter of great joy for all of us that the NDA government, which has been serving India and Indians for the last ten years, has received the mandate for the third time,” he wrote in the post.

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