PM Modi not OBC by birth, claims Rahul

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not born in an Other Backward Class family, and he is “misleading” people by identifying himself as an OBC.

Gandhi, while making a brief speech here on the third and concluding day of his ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ in Odisha, said Modi “was born in a family that belonged to the general caste”.

“Modi ji has been misleading the people by saying that he is an OBC. He was born in a family of the ‘Ghanchi’ caste, which was included in the OBC list during the BJP government’s tenure in Gujarat in 2000.

“He changed his caste to OBC after becoming the CM of Gujarat. Therefore, Modi ji is not an OBC by birth,” the Congress MP asserted.

Gandhi had earlier in his address claimed that Modi belonged to the ‘Teli’ caste, but later clarified he meant the ‘Ghanchi’ caste.

The former Congress president also alleged that the prime minister will never conduct a caste census in the country, without which social justice cannot be achieved.

“A majority of people are denied social justice. Only the Congress party will conduct this caste census and ensure social justice in India,” Gandhi said.

The Congress leader said whenever he talks about social justice and a caste census, Modi mentions about the existence of only two castes in the country – rich and poor.

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