PM Modi facilitated return of Indian students from conflict-hit Ukraine, says Rajanth Singh

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi facilitated the return of 22,500 stranded Indian students from Ukraine after speaking with leaders of Russia, Ukraine and the US, which no other world leader could do.

Addressing an election rally in western Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, the veteran BJP leader also lauded Modi for transforming India’s reputation on the global stage since becoming prime minister in 2014.

“India has become a powerful country. The world did not take India seriously… But our PM Modi has done a miracle. Today when India speaks on the international stage, the whole world listens carefully. This is India’s reputation which has grown rapidly,” Singh said.

Referring to the Russia-Ukraine conflict that has been continuing for the last two years, the defence minister said, “Around 25,000 Indian students were studying in Ukraine. Their parents demanded from our prime minister that the children must be brought back… Every parent in India was worried.”

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