Parents shouldn’t treat their child’s report card as their visiting card: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said it is crucial to instill resilience in children to help them cope with pressures and asserted that parents and teachers should collectively address challenges faced by students.

Interacting with students, parents and teachers during his annual Pariksha Pe Charcha programme, the prime minister advised parents against treating their child’s report card as their own visiting card and suggested that students should compete with themselves and not others.

“It is crucial to instill resilience in our children and help them cope with pressures… We cannot do switch off, pressure is gone. One must become capable of bearing any kind of pressure. They should believe that pressure keeps on building, and one has to prepare oneself,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi also suggested students to “always make friends who are more intelligent and work harder”. “You must be inspired by such friends. Don’t let the pressure of studies and examinations overpower you,” he said.

Modi said that even though competition and challenges act as inspirations but competition must be healthy.

“Lot of parents keep on giving examples of other children to their children. Parents should avoid doing these things…,” he said.

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