Modi slams DMK, Congress for creating ‘rift’ among people

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday lashed out at the ruling DMK in Tamil Nadu, accusing it of not cooperating in Central schemes and criticised it over walking out in the Parliament during a discussion on the Ayodhya Shri Ram temple.

The DMK’s ‘running away’ shows its ‘hatred’ for people’s faith, Modi said in an apparent reference to the opposition walkout when the Parliament took up the matter.

He lashed out at DMK and its ally Congress, alleging they created rift among people and slammed them for dynasty politics.

“Tamil Nadu’s connect with Shri Ram is well-known. Before the January 22 consecration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, I visited different temples, including in Dhanushkodi (in TN). The entire country was happy that the temple was coming up after so many years. A related matter came up in the Parliament but the DMK MPs ran away,” Modi said, addressing a public rally here.

“DMK again proved how much it hates your faith,” the PM said.

He charged the DMK and Congress of coming up with ‘innovative ideas’ to create rift among people, society “whereas we see everyone as family.”

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