Mahua Moitra vacates govt bungalow

Former TMC MP Mahua Moitra on Friday vacated her government accommodation here, her lawyer said.

The Directorate of Estates (DoE) had in the morning sent a team to get the official bungalow vacated and the area around it was barricaded, an official said.

“House number 9B on Telegraph Lane occupied by Mahua Moitra was vacated by 10 am this morning before the authorities arrived. No eviction took place,” Moitra’s Counsel Shadan Farasat told reporters.

The possession of the house has been handed over to the DoE officials, Farasat added.

Earlier this week, the DoE issued an eviction notice to Moitra, who was expelled from the Lok Sabha last month.

On Thursday, Moitra failed to get any relief from the Delhi High Court which refused to stay the DoE notice and asked her to vacate the government bungalow.

Justice Girish Kathpalia said no specific rule has been brought before the court which dealt with the eviction of MPs from government accommodation after they cease to be lawmakers.


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