‘Jai Sri Ram’: Nayanthara apologises for ‘Annapoorani’ controversy

Actor Nayanthara has offered sincere and heartfelt apology over her latest Tamil film “Annapoorani”, a week after the makers were accused of hurting religious sentiments and the movie was pulled from streaming service Netflix.

In an Instagram post on Thursday night, the “Jawan” star said the film was made to “uplift and inspire, not to cause distress”.

“Jai Shri Ram. I am writing this note with a heavy heart and a genuine desire to address the recent turn of events concerning our film, ‘Annapoorani’. Crafting ‘Annapoorani’ was not just a cinematic endeavour but a heartfelt pursuit of inspiring resilience and instilling the spirit of never giving up.

“It aimed to mirror life’s journey, where we learn that obstacles can be overcome with sheer willpower… In our sincere attempt to share a positive message, we may have inadvertently caused hurt,” Nayanthara wrote.

“Annapoorani” featured the 39-year-old actor star as a young woman who aims to become the best chef in the country but in order to realise her dream, she has to cook non-vegetarian food.

Directed by Nilesh Krishnaa, the movie was released in theatres in December last year, before it started streaming on Netflix four weeks later. Last week, the movie kicked up a row after two complaints were filed against Nayanthara and the makers over allegations that certain scenes in the film hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

The complaints alleged that the film makes controversial remarks about Lord Ram and also promotes ‘love jihad’. Amid the controversy, the film was removed from Netflix by the makers.

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