Expect India to play role in bringing stability in West Asia, says Israeli envoy

Israel is “strong and resilient” and, if needed, it will “confront Iran” after the recent attack, the Israeli envoy here asserted on Monday and said India should play a role in bringing stability in the West Asia region.

In an interview to PTI at the Israeli Embassy here, the country’s ambassador to India Naor Gilon said that Israeli defence forces with the support of the US and “other friends in the region” were able to “intercept 99 per cent” of the UAVs and missiles fired by Iranians.

However, there was “minor damage” suffered at Nevatim air base in the attack late Saturday, he said.

With Iran’s attack on Israel triggering the spectre of a wider conflict in West Asia, India on Sunday said it is seriously concerned over the escalating hostilities between the two sides and called for an immediate halt to violence and return to the path of diplomacy.

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