Delhi Police defers questioning of Kejriwal’s parents in Maliwal assault case: Sources

The Delhi Police may not visit Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal s residence on Thursday to question his parents in connection with AAP Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal  “assault” case, sources said.

On Wednesday, Kejriwal had said police were going to question his elderly and ill parents the next day.

Kejriwal’s close aide Bibhav Kumar was arrested by police in the case.

Sources said police may visit his residence for questioning in the coming days but are not going there on Thursday. They may also question Kejriwal in the coming days, sources said.

In a post on X in Hindi, Kejriwal said, “I am waiting for the police with my parents and wife. Yesterday the police called and asked for time to interrogate my parents. But they have not yet given any information about whether they will come or not.” The AAP accused the BJP of committing atrocities on Kejriwal’s parents through police.

“Ever since Arvind Kejriwal was granted bail, BJP has freaked out. They are attacking and conspiring against Arvind Kejriwal and AAP. But today, after summoning the parents of Arvind Kejriwal for questioning by Delhi Police, they have crossed all the limits,” Atishi said.

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