Congress, SP Pakistan’s sympathisers: Modi at rally in UP’s Basti

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday here called Congress and Samajwadi Party “sympathisers of Pakistan” and alleged that these parties are “scaring the country” with its nuclear power status.

“This patron of terrorism which once used to make eyes at us, its condition has become such that its people are hard up even for grain. Pakistan is finished, but its sympathisers, SP and Congress  are busy scaring the country,” Modi said at a poll rally while campaigning for BJP’s Basti Lok Sabha candidate Harish Dwivedi.

“They say one needs to be scared of Pakistan because it has an atom bomb. Don’t they know what is 56-inch (chest)? It’s not the weak Congress government … But the strong government of Modi,” Modi said.

“India does not spare those who tries to bully it.

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