Budaun double murder: Victims’ mother narrates gruesome episode

Qaumi Patrika, New Delhi

In a gruesome murder that triggered tension in Uttar Pradesh’s Budaun, two minor brothers were killed by a barber who entered their home on the pretext of seeking help from their mother.The accused, identified as Sajid, ran a barber shop in the neighbourhood and killed the siblings by slitting their throats.After the incident, Sajid was killed by police in an alleged encounter. The motive behind the murder is still unknown.

Narrating the incident, the mother of the victims said that Sajid has come to her parlour asking for Rs 5,000. He told her that his pregnant wife is admitted to the hospital and that he will return the money soon.When the woman went to the kitchen to prepare tea, he took her two sons to the terrace and closed the door. Her third eight-year-old son was already at the terrace.He then took out the knife and slit the throat of two elder siblings and attacked the third son. However, the knife fell from his hands and the youngest sibling threw it away.

He then ran downstairs and alerted the family members. In the meantime, the accused fled the scene.

Later, police went after him to arrest him. However, according to the police, he opened fire at them and was subsequently killed in retaliatory action.

The grieving mother said that they had no enmity with the accused and demanded the other person who accompanied the accused to their house be arrested.

“I want him to be killed. But police should first arrest him and ask why did he (Sajid) kill my sons,” she said before breaking into tears.

Meanwhile, the Police have detained the father and uncle of accused Sajid for questioning.

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