Atishi, Saurabh Bharadwaj visit slum clusters in Delhi

Delhi Cabinet ministers Atishi and Saurabh Bharadwaj on Sunday visited slum clusters in the national capital and accused the BJP of conspiring to remove slum dwellers.

Atishi visited B R camp slum while her Cabinet colleague Bharadwaj met residents of slums near the Safdarjung Flying Club in south Delhi.

“The BJP-led central government is conspiring to raze the slum areas of Delhi and relocate its residents 40 to 50 km away from their homes. AAP and (Delhi) Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal are standing with them (slum dwellers),” Atishi said, during her visit to the slum cluster.

Echoing similar views, Bharadwaj said that drivers, maids, cooks, etc have been living in Delhi’s JJ clusters with their families.

“The BJP-led central government is conspiring against them to remove these people (slum dwellers) out of their houses. As per the law, the authorities cannot demolish a listed cluster without giving them proper houses. What the BJP is doing is illegal and inhumane,” he alleged.


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