Ammonia gas leaks from subsea pipeline of TN fertiliser plant, several people hospitalised

Ammonia gas leaked from a subsea pipeline linked to a fertiliser manufacturing unit situated on the shoreline in north Chennai, affecting people by causing shortness of breath, nausea and faintness and approximately 25 of them have been hospitalised, official sources said on Wednesday.

Following the leak, at about 11.45 pm on December 26, an odour that caused severe discomfort to people spread through air in north Chennai areas. A number of persons fainted after experiencing ‘burning sensation’ in their throat and chest. Many people who were asleep woke up in panic and scurried out of their homes and alerted neighbours and all of them soon reached the main roads unsure of what to do.

For the people of north Chennai, it was double whammy, as they were affected by the recent oil spill and now the ammonia gas leak. About 25 people including children, who were residents of areas close to the fertiliser manufacturing facility were hospitalised. Most of them experienced unease, shortness of breath, nausea, and faintness.

According to representatives of fishermen villages, Chinna Kuppam, Periya Kuppam, Netaji Nagar, Burma Nagar in north Chennai were among the affected neighbourhoods.

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