Airlines complete checks of 40 B737 Max planes for loose hardware: DGCA

Aviation regulator DGCA on Tuesday said 40 Boeing 737 Max planes of domestic carriers have been inspected for possible loose hardware, and a washer was missing in one aircraft where rectification was done.

Akasa Air, Air India Express and SpiceJet together have 40 Boeing 737 Max planes in their fleets.

Boeing had recommended a one-time inspection of all Boeing 737 Max planes for possible loose hardware before January 10. The aircraft maker’s move had come based on information from an operator of a missing nut and washer in the Aft Rudder Quadrant on the Boeing 737 Max plane.

This inspection was recommended before the Alaska Airlines incident and is not related to it.

A senior DGCA official on Tuesday said out of the 40 Boeing 737 Max planes of the three Indian carriers, inspections on 39 aircraft have been completed with nil findings, except on one aircraft wherein a missing washer was found.

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