Achieving unanimity will be aim in all our decisions: PM Modi at NDA meet

Prime Minister  Narender Modi Ji on Friday said he would strive to ensure unanimity in all decisions of his next government and asserted that the NDA is an organic alliance committed to the principle of ‘nation first’.

Chosen by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance as its leader to become prime minister for the third time, Modi also said the  NDA Governement in the next 10 years will focus on good governance, development, quality of life and minimum interference in the lives of common citizens.

He said mutual trust was at the core of this alliance and they were committed to the principle of ‘sarv pantha sambhava’ (all sects are equal).

“If we look at it in terms of numbers in the history of coalitions, this is the strongest coalition government,” Modi said, asserting the NDA knows it very well to digest victory.

“We have never lost. Our conduct following June 4 shows that we know how to digest victory,” the prime minister said, and attacked opposition parties.

“There were efforts to not acknowledge this very victory, to cast a ‘shadow of defeat’ on this victory. But all such efforts remained fruitless… Such things ‘die very young’, and it happened,” Modi said at the meeting of the NDA Parl

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