Aim is to ultimately bring coronavirus positivity rate to 5%: Health ministry

21 july 2020 The Union Health Ministry today said the ultimate aim for the government is to bring down the positivity rate of Covid-19 cases to 5 per cent. Positivity rate is the percentage of people who test positive for a disease out of the total number of tests carried out.

Addressing a press briefing on Covid-19, the health ministry said the government’s aim is to first bring down the positivity rate to 10 per cent in areas that have high caseload, and then ultimately to 5 per cent.

The health ministry said at present India’s overall positivity rate is 8.07 per cent and that there are 30 states/UTs where the positivity rate is less than the national average. This include states like Rajasthan (2.46 per cent), Madhya Pradesh (3.90 per cent) and West Bengal (6.94 per cent).

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