Synairgen announces ‘major breakthrough’ in treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients

Synairgen announces 'major breakthrough' in treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients

20 JULY 2020 Synairgen Plc said on Monday its drug helped reduce the risk of developing severe diseases in hospitalised COVID-19 patients, according to data from a trial of more than 100 people in the United Kingdom. The trial, which used interferon beta, showed that patients who were given Synairgen’s formulation had a 79 percent lower risk of developing severe disease compared to placebo, Reuters reported. 

According to company, patients who received the drug, SNG001, were more than twice as likely to recover from COVID-19 as those on placebo. The company said that no deaths were reported in patients treated with SNG001, while three people died after being randomised to placebo.

Chief executive Richard Marsden said positive results from a clinical trial of its drug to tackle the severe symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) “could signal a major breakthrough in the treatment of hospitalised patients”

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